2020 Fall Fashion

2020 Fall Fashion

Fall is undoubtably one of my favorite seasons. The weather here in maryland is great and the fall leaf colors add just enough color. That the gray cloudy skies don't seem so gray. It's also the time we all begin to dig out our boots, sweaters, and favorite scarfs. This year is not going to prove it's self any different when it comes to fashion. This year's top trending styles are definitely something to be excited about. Here's a list of the go to items you'll need to keep your style game up and on point. 

Faux fur 

Faux Fur adds color and texture to any look. It can turn a causal look to glamorous. 

Faux Leather 

Nude Tones

Browns, tans, and light shades beige are my go to colors. These colors are great to wear during the fall season and match boots and scarfs flawlessly. This two piece outfit is a perfect example of fall colors that you can mix and match to find the perfect cool weather outfit. 

Plaids & Patterns 

Plaids & Patterns have been around since the 90s and don't seem to be going anywhere soon.  Wearing bold patterns or plaids are great expressive wardrobe piece. That you just don't see everyday. 



Fringe is another blast from the past style that has become timeless. This outfit is for the summer, but this fringe vest can be layered under jackets or used over sweaters. It's a great 70s inspired look that can be used for any season.


Metallics are making a come back and are so fun to wear. These colors demand attention and are easy to match with your favorite boots.


Adding these styles, tones, textures, and colors to your fall line up will keep you on the trending looks list. The great thing about most of these looks we all have most of them in closets. If not visit grandma closet because she probably has some patterns or fringe items you can Barrow.

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