All Things lashes

All Things lashes

Looking for the perfect lash can be difficult. I started wearing lashes fifteen years ago and just recently learned that not all lashes are created equal. Some lashes are short, some are long, some thick and full with a dramatic look, while others have a more natural appearance. I also learned that the are different lash shapes as well. The four lash shapes are Natural. Open Eye, Cat Eye, and Doll Eye.

Eye Shape Chart

Once I realized learned about the different eyelash shapes. I quickly realized which shape was my favorite and started buying lashes based on the shape. As my orders begin to arrive in the mail. Some lashes had different textures to them. They just felt different when I touched them. They also felt different on my eyelids. Once again I learned more about my new addiction to this beauty tool. Lashes are made of different materials, who knew?! 

So I did the research and realized that some of my lashes were synthetic wich are made from plastic like fibers.

Picture of synthetic lashes definition 

 Some were silk which are made from plastic fibers material as well, but have a thick body and semigloss finish in comparison to synthetic lashes.

Picture of synthetic lashes

 Some were even made from REAL HORSE HAIR, seriously? I was completely shocked to find that out. 

Picture of horse hair lashes 

I also had some that were made from mink hair, which I quickly learned was curelty free. I even had some lashes made from human hair and also a few pair made from black thread. All these lashes treated my eyes differently, but the worst pair were the synthetic fiber lashes. Which hurt my eyes and never seemed to stay on no matter how much lash glue I used.

Definition of synthetic lashes

Picture of synthetic lashes definition

 The second worse was the horse hair lashes, which at the time I had no idea were horse hair. They were very heavy and the bands were not flexible when applying. They also had a hard time staying on throughout the day. So in the end my favorites were silk and mink lashes. 


Once I came to that conclusion I only had one other trait to look for when buying new lashes and that was length. Strip lashes come in different lengths from 8mm to 30mm in length. I have always loved long dramatic lashes. So 20mm to 30mm are pretty much my cup of tea. Although, short lashes do still have a place in my life. I have worn shorter lashes but only for work or no makeup looks. Picking the right length is easy once you know what your comfortable with and the look you are going for. Our boss babe Collection was created just for beauties that want shorter lashes than what's offered in our other lash collections. So we have a lash style for everyone. 


Although I learned a lot from my lash "research." To this day I still believe a great pair of lashes can give my makeup looks just what they need. I am glad I learned along the way about lashes because now I know just by looking at a pair if they will be the right ones for me. 

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